3P Australia

Terrie speaks to groups & conducts development series for people interested in the 3P, and more specifically 3P Practitioners.  She especially loves the moment when she sees the 'sparkle' in a person's eye of new realisations.

Services include individual mentoring programs, topic specific programs as well as designer programs as requested by groups for their needs.

Those who have already been introduced to the 3P global community are welcome to participate in Terrie's Mastery/3P Practitioner group and individual mentoring programs.

And clients who have already benefited from Terrie's Clarity Factor coaching are welcomed on invitation.

See drop down box under 3P for Terrie's 6month mentoring package.


For other current ad hoc programs on offer email or call to ask for the current mentoring options to be sent to you.


Contact Terrie direct to discuss your individual or group interest and needs. Terrie >


3P Practitioner Programs 2018

Terrie enjoys assisting and enabling the sharing and deepening of the 3P's within Australia.  To bring practical understandings for people - to 'make it real',  And to continue to have the extraordinary experience of 'touching people on the shoulder' and waking them up to insight, fresh thinking and new possibilities.