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Insightful Action
3 Principles of Human Understanding

3P Mentoring

Terrie works with 3P Practitioners who are creating a life of happiness helping others.  


So lovely.  I just really enjoy hearing people finding things easier and rewarding from our interactions.  Recently, out of the blue, a Perth client shared - "Thank you Terrie, you speak very clearly about things, I haven't had to ask many questions."

Your Flourishing Business

Already have your practice up and running, yet you could do with someone there to enable you to bring more to your clients and further integrate the 3P's into your coaching ?

Let's get your business flourishing !

Showing you how to make a difference AND run a business.  

You will learn how to make a difference in the life of an individual, a community, a business or in the world. A successful, organised and fulfilling personal and business life gives others something to enjoy, believe in and learn from.

Wise Transitions

Coaching the transition through start-up of your 3P practitionership. Defining your unique niche and establishing the foundations for a flourishing practice, that will be fulfilling for you and rewarding for your client.

Mastery Mentoring

Individual 6 sessions, no timeframe.  You will have Terrie as your Mentor by your side as you deepen your understanding. Bringing more to your clients and greater ease to your coaching sessions.  Establishing a whole new world to work and live from.


Einsteins Circle

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness at which it was created” ~ Albert Einstein. You've settled into your practice yet want to go deeper, bring more to your life and clients.  This is an advanced group focused on consciousness shifts. 

Small Group Teleconference Series

In this 6 person, 8 week group series you are led deeper in knowing how our true nature brings us such practical advantages in life.  From decision making to peace of mind, communication to leadership, wise transactions to interactions, life and career fulfilment.  With my wish for you to find fresh thinking and bring possibilities alive.  $495.00 per person.

Small Group Retreats

Contact Terrie for information on the next retreat.

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