3P Special Event

Terrie works with 3P Practitioners who are creating a life of happiness helping others.  


Your Flourishing Business, 8 week Teleconference Series

Your Flourishing Business -
Snapshot Small Group Series

If you are not sure where to invest your time, money and energy on 3P coaching and developing your practice, Terrie has designed this especially for you so you can get a 'snapshot' experience.

Terrie, will coach you to a deeper understanding of the foundations for a flourishing practice.  Terrie likes to coach from soul to soul, rather than intellect to intellect.  So if you feel ready for this, read on...

During this series you will start to -

  • define and refine your uniqueness and insightful strengths that you have to offer

  • see more clearly the people you will best serve

  • move deeper into the 3P's to bring more to your clients

  • gain more clarity on living by insightful action, further changing the quality of your work and life.

  • gain clarity on 'what next' for you.

Let's get your business flourishing.


Showing you how to make a difference AND run a business.  

Terrie Sanders - 3 P Practitioners

Commissioned Small Group Coaching. 

Audio Excerpt.