A Moment of Clarity

Clarity and clear direction can be gained just in a moment.

Every fresh thinking moment that brings clarity, develops progress anew, comes within just one moment.

Whether you have trained for a week or meditated for a month, it is actually only one moment that makes the difference.  The moment of insight.  This fundamentally changes us and our options, and gives the opportunity to act anew and fresh.


Fast Track Clarity Mentoring

Clarity in our Thinking creates Direction, Purpose, Confidence and Peace of Mind.

There are moments in our life when it is prudent, necessary to ask the right questions to land up travelling in a successful direction for you, your loved ones and that which you care about.

There are numerous reasons we can miss this moment and land up somewhere else instead.  I remember when I was was working in Corporate Health that a family up and moved to a location a plane flight away from their previous family home for a job for the husband, only to be told 3mths into their time there that the position was no longer required.  Very unsettling.  They so needed the job, that they had ignored some of the information that was either missing or they chose to ignore and they moved minus complete clarity of what they were getting into.

This Fast-Track Master Mentoring session is uniquely designed for those who want to delve quickly into seeing how to settle back and gain clarity at the same time as propelling forward with practical progress.  This time is used to gain clear direction for a particular project or important current happening you are at the start or in the middle of, or working through.

A quick professional immersion option, this gives you a stepping stone to get some balance, whilst you gain clarity.  And supports you to initiate Insightful Action. Gaining you forward momentum and saving you time.

Terrie helps you over that Resiliency/Point Critical hurdle (bump in the road) where we so often find we can falter or make quick decisions based on chaotic moments.

Having clarity means that your progress and results improve such that you then find yourself in a purposeful, clear direction.  You then take action with confidence and find each time you elicit and action like this, the percentage shifts from living in chaos to living in clarity. The positive rewards are evident and obvious.

Who is this personalised coaching for ?
  • People starting out in business, new practise owners.

  • 3P Practitioners

  • High Achievers

  • Micro and small business owners.

  • Project Leaders.

About the Fast-Track Mentoring
  • 1hr Individual Focus Mentoring with Terrie

  • 1 x 30 mins Clarification Session

  • 1 x Follow-up Clarity session

  • Priority access to Terrie via email/phone.

  • This fast-track option is helpful when you have a specific project, focus, dilemma that you need to get traction on, momentum, clarity to move forward and get some practical progress.

  • The 2 sessions are timed and spaced so that they are timely specifically to maximise your forward progress.

Your Investment: $750.00 + gst    

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