Adventure  Confidence 

How do you know you can have confidence in your tissue strength & energy availability ? 


Having trained and raced at the elite level, Terrie has first hand knowledge of preparation and training for exertive events.

She has trained in climate chambers, raced in 38degrees celsius with 80% humidity.  She has raced in freezing conditions in Switzerland.  Humidity in Singapore, late night track finals at 10pm (and won) in Belgium after a full day of travel and competition. 

She has trained in the hills of Perth, Western Australia and learnt to ride past the beach on the way home to 'have a dip' and relax.  She has trekked Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and been purposely lost for 6 days in the Pilbara as part of an Advanced Bush Survival Training, living off the land.

She has been owner and manager of a consultancy attending meetings on minesites to boardrooms in cities and travelled on many domestic and international flights - being on a plane trip often once a fortnight.  She has lived and knows the demands a corporate lifestyle has on our body.

One common denominator that was present in all these experiences was that she could trust her body would do the distance.  She had ticked all the right boxes at the time to prepare herself - trained her fitness endurance & strength, focussed on specificity of training, researched strategy and practised technique.  


Then her body failed.  Seemingly no warning signs, just failed to respond. So she thought at the time.


The failure to respond was following surgery for an accident during training that had resulted in a full & displaced fracture of the clavicle and a fracture of the scapula on the same side leaving an unstable shoulder.  Although painful, Terrie was strong going into surgery - yet from then on, just never recovered. Her body didn't bounce back, She just couldn't get going again, literally.

Coaching with Terrie in Wonderment Physiology will give you the opportunity to:

  • check early and benefit sooner

  • be proactive and stop guessing or hoping

  • plan your next adventure with more confidence in your body's ability to respond

  • return from injury or compromise quicker and more robust.

How much do you know ?

A new dimension of biochemistry interpretation

Check early
and benefit

An opportunity to be proactive

and stop guessing or hoping.

Plan your next adventure with more confidence in your body's ability to respond.

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