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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

Father and Son

29 April 2023


We have been living an age of a roller coaster ride.

Fast, chaotic, disruptive, forever interruptive.
Resulting in having to continually work to keep one's balance, never really resting.

And even yet, everyone is called back to their calm.  All of us.

It can seem like a distant learning, a to do, an advanced ‘technique’.

Yet returning to calm naturally happens. 
It is us, our natural status quo.

That is why we feel ‘called back’ to it – because being there is natural to us.

In our calm, we are resting from our continual use of our personal thinking.

In our calm, we are reset within.
Our confused personal thinking dissolves away.

In our deep calm, loving feeling from within, we regenerate, rejuvenate and are reminded of our true nature. Our serenity.

We once again step out in a deeper level of wisdom and interaction from the Love within us.












This is a constant living ‘rhythm of life’ that occurs in us.  For us.

Yet, there are little things in the practicality of life that can slip past unnoticed that distract us from bathing in our calm more often.

Like – listening to lovely, gentle, heartening music.  Soft to the heart and warm to the ears. 

One is just starting to feel their heart soften, their body relax, and then there is an advert. 

We are abruptly jolted out of the feeling and it can even feel quite brutal when you are aware of it. 


It’s like being woken when you are in your deep sleep of a night. 

Have a look around and see where maybe you have not realised previously you are being ‘interrupted’ out of your calm.

We grow and reset in our calm, not from adding to our memory bank of information.  A brilliant memory is a brilliant tool.  Yet, this is more an automated response than an interactive, connected, deeply human, loving experience.

When we are in our calm, what we need is offered to us via universal thought, when we experience insight.

Here’s to resetting your life without the disruption of interruption.

And to the wonderment of the mystery of really knowing the depth of real Love through our feeling of deep calm, serenity. and Insight.

Best, TS


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