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Learn the 4 Zones of the Mind-Focus Matrix. For busy entrepeneurs who feel they are Going nowhere Fast.   Find a little known key to being primed for success as a solo-entrepeneur. Free download.

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BPE, Dip Ed, ESSAM, OAM. 3Principles.


Terrie helps Solo-Entrepeneurs be at the top of their game.  She assists re-calibrate the high achiever so they rekindle the freedom feeling and are primed for success to stay on track for their business, earning capacity, and their life enjoyment.



My professional interest is to keep smart, genius, forward thinking entrepeneurs from falling short of the longevity of their business plan and mission in life - due to the common points of failure - exhaustion, chaos, confusion, hesitation, boredom, loss of creativity, lack of focus, lack of interest, lack of progress. Once the thrill of startup is over these can move in pretty quickly." Terrie Sanders.


Terrie is interested in priming clients for success AND happiness.  She focuses on establishing her clients in the three foundational necessities for success - Fresh Thinking, Happiness & Productivity.  For her solo-entrepeneur coaching this is broken down into two fundamental action requirements - Taking Care of Business & Taking Care of You.


"Of the three options we have as human beings in life - to be someone who 'makes things happen, watches things happen or wonders what happened' - my interest is in ensuring my clients have a good foundation of understanding and what to do, to enable them to to be in the drivers seat of a fourth option - 'understanding what is happening'.


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Terrie works with people who want to build a deep level of happiness within their success.  Her forte is the areas of Fresh Thinking, Happiness & Productivity.

Terrie transforms lives by enabling the already successful - to shift from just having a business to ensuring they have a clear brain, energy for a full day and that they are creating entrepeneurial success which includes a whole lot of happiness too.

And she shows people starting out on the entrepeneurial venture - how to prime themselves for success by ensuring they include some key personal understandings of interactions and how to keep bouncing back when life gets rough and tough.  To be able to last the course you intended and feel the freedom you felt when you first started out.

Terrie sees it as her privilege, that her challenges in life along with her pinnacles of successes can bring her such joy in helping others find the answers they are seeking to have their own successes AND happiness.

Terrie explains...

"it is such a privilege and a pleasure to see a person reclaim their full week of work after losing days to fatigue, worry & hesitation & their income flow again. 


To receive a thank you from a wife that her husband has his energy and verve back again for both work & family. 


To get an email of gratitude  from a client that she feels free and excited to move forward  after feeling stuck and confused."

Fresh Thinking, Happiness, Productivity.

Big Blue Sky of Happiness Facebook banne
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The children's version of book 1 in her Big Blue Sky of Happiness Series is now available.

A simple story with a powerful message.

Book 1:  The Big Blue Sky of Happiness
& The Big Cloud of Sadness

We're never too old to be touched by the wonderment of happiness.




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