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4 February 2019

What's Your Job ?


Being a performance mindset specialist, one of the strings to my bow is to assist Solo-Enterpeneurs create a successful thriving business, AND happiness. 


Part of the process of enjoying our life and the work role we have in our life, is enjoying our uniqueness and how this shines and assists others. At the same time we seek to be grateful - for the income earning opportunities we have felt drawn to create and for those that come our way.

On the success side, I could go on and list all the responsibilities, priorities, focus goals etc that a person could seek training in yet my message today takes us down a different track.


I want instead to take our focus to the most important priority in any and all work we do.  Whatever the set up, whatever our role. 


This priority often gets overshadowed, muted, minimised and even lost as we focus on the must-do’s, deadlines, skill sets and responsibilities.


That’s not to say that we don’t use our skills, knowledge, insight and action to do a good job of things.


Yes, still do that.

So What Is This Priority ?
There is a saying in coaching circles that goes something like this - 
People commission you for what you can do for them and they stay for the experience.

I suggest the same when it comes to employing people, contracting people in, commissioning a specialist.  Whether you are employed or a solo-entrepeneur, the silent priority is this:


Your #1 job is to ‘get on with people’.


It is a bit of a dance marrying the two things – accomplishment AND a likeable experience.  More than just a matter of perspective this one. 


This is life in action.

There we go – Success AND Happiness.  Good for all.


We're never too old to be touched by the wonderment of Happiness.  


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