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Children's Package includes:

- Baseline Queen Profile Test

- Results Session plus

- 2 x 1hr Coaching Sessions.


This coaching package usually requires retest/s and extended coaching to work at the pace of the child and parents.


Tests & coaching is added as required.


Children are special.  

Although at all stages of life we are in a process of intriguing biological progress, as children we are in a miraculous stage of development.


If parents think there is a need to check how a child's energy and tissue integrity are progressing, Terrie will work closely with the parents for nutrient choices and food preparation taking into consideration the child's preference.

How might this look for a child:

Energy production requiring correcting may look like excess energy - tendency to always be on the move, unable to settle for long which can also look like lack of concentration or connection. Or a lack of energy - the tendency being to not want to be involved, or disinterested in movement or energetic activities. This again can also look like a lack of connection.

Tissue Integrity - tissues of the young usually tend to be robust and not tear or injure too easily (given age appropriate loading). These are the energetic years and hence the body is continually rebuilt with movement & available nutrients. 


However, if the tissue is not robust, this rejuvenation is altered and minor or even major injuries can occur.  Children are very intuitive and will adjust their movement and activity level to protect themselves even if they cannot explain it.

Protocols and presentation are adjusted for the child to easily understand, and Terrie coaches the parents closely so they have a clear understanding of what is recommended and why.


Functional biochemistry readings for children are different to adults to take into consideration the development stages the child progresses through at the younger ages.

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