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4 August 2022


The other day I was checking my mailbox for mail - out through the front garden, to the front of our property.

The air was clear, the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds floating by in their own time.

I took in a deep breath of the fresh air and looked down the sidewalk. 


There was  a man of an older age standing on the verge.  He was deep in his own thinking, then happened to look up the street in my direction. 

Neither of us knew each other, neither of us knew why each was standing on the sidewalk.

I called out – "a beautiful day.".

He looked up and into my face and replied across the distance between us with a raised voice as well - "certainly is."

We seemed to smile at each other then I said something else, he smiled again.

Then something happened – the man started walking towards me. 

He felt connected enough to step forward.  He patted the dog, we chatted, we smiled.

We realised we were close neighbours yet had not met.

When did that happen ?  That we didn’t know each other as a neighbour ?
How odd.

I was filled with a humanness that was nice - to have initiated a smile on someone’s face. That I got to see and enjoy that smile and then truly connect.  My heart was warm.

A car slowed down as it approached us on the road. 

It stopped a few houses down from the direction where the man had been standing when we had first connected.

He quickly walked back, I suggest even with a skip in his step I thought, and ‘jumped’ into the car.

As the door closed I heard his voice say “Hi, yes, I was just having a lovely chat with my neighbour”.


Are you connected ?


Here’s to the wonderment of the true human connection.

Cheers, TS

Enjoying a Meal

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