1:1 Coaching

Terrie can help you fill in the missing links when it comes to your practice, presentations and outcomes. She will help you see your uniqueness, gain a healthy human understanding and shift your perspective.

Have time with Terrie guiding you individually and specifically for what is important to you.

Terrie is dedicated to working with Entrepeneurs who are wanting to build a lifetime of happiness.  This is you if you want to do what matters, with people who care, And be financially viable for the long term.

Wanting to make a difference in the world, or for the world of another person, there are some key fundamentals as a professional practitioner that are best understood to ensure you are both looking after yourself and your client.

Terrie coaches you to have the opportunity to fill in some missing links in your coaching presentation and outcomes -

  • Learn how a person shifts in understanding, not just learning, memorising, repeating, skill building. We're talking about a true and fundamental shift in perspective that remains in place to act from into their future.

  • Gain a Healthy Human Understanding.  When your presence is healthy, productive, rewarding, connecting how does this come about ? Understand and see the healthy workings within a person to be able to draw this out for your clients and to reproduce for yourself within your practise, business & life, Terrie will point you here.

  • See your own uniqueness.  What is it that is your special-ness of message that you have to share ?

Terrie will guide you to a deeper human understanding for your own benefit personally and professionally.