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​​For Micro, Small Business Owners, Business Teams, Entrepeneurs.

This retreat is for the entrepreneur who wants to build a lifetime of happiness AND have their business success.

This is also for entrepeneurs who remember the excitement, innocence, belief, energy & drive that they had at the start of your business when things happened, and successfully. This learning re-ignites this and shows how you can reproduce this over and over through the lifetime of your business for longevity.

Clients are introduced to some fundamental innate abilities they can gain access to immediately, implement and share within their business.


Enabling them to be continually productive, more relaxed, find more enjoyment and have a deeper understanding of humans and happiness bringing connection, performance and productivity.

The difference with Terrie’s guidance is that she works with 4 fundamental and mature aspects of gaining a healthy understanding of humans for the business owner and their work teams with these topics written into 4 books, including a childrens version of the same topics to take home for the family. This way you are all on the same page – literally.

This means participants get to share - with their family - both the luxury time at the resort and the topic that you have been studying during the business sessions.

The package includes take home adult, professional version of short, enjoyable books to share with your work teams that have simple yet powerful messages.

Terrie is interested in – ensuring that entrepeneurs have the resiliency to last the course and see the rewards of their hard work.

She shows how to unlock this and take it back to elicit change for growth and engagement both personally and professionally.

                I absolutely love her BIG Series for professionals. How she so cleverly, genuinely introduces invisible keys for human understanding and interactions that enable connection, understanding, trust and achievement. Shooting to the heart of the matter.   - Christina Guidotti - CEO, Leading Women.


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