3P Practitioner CONNECT

A vibrant, gently supportive community
of 3P Practitioners.
Simplicity. Insightfully deepening. 
Professionally nurturing.

The Reality

People with big hearts, beautiful dreams and the desire to share the principles often fail to achieve what they intended - making a difference for others at the same time as being successful in running a business venture. 


My interest is in mentoring these people with extraordinary hearts, how to both thrive within their professional intention, and at the same time create a wonderful life for them and their loved ones.  Including financial freedom.

Practitioners often share that they have these problems:

  • It’s difficult explaining to people what the 3P’s are to get them to commit 

  • Find I keep discounting my services to my own detriment

  • Find that people really can’t afford much as they are struggling already.

  • Can’t seem to get clients to invest.

And then there are some other problems under the surface that are often left unspoken:

  • Unable to finalise a deal with a business, after I've put in so much work.

  • I actually doubt my worth and undercharge.

  • I’ve tried & it doesn’t seem to be falling into place.

  • Don’t understand how I can merge commercial and the 3P's.

  • Don’t actually know what I am doing, how to run a business.

Dual Focus

So there are 2 focuses that need to both be 

achieved for your practise to flourish:

1. True, life changing results for clients

2. True, life changing income & business balance

for you and your family.

Chaos in either brings lack of clarity, unproductive 

action and limiting results.  Not only does your client 

remain confused and stuck, you do too with your lack

of professional and financial achievement for a life doing what you love.

Progressing your understanding of how to achieve results for your clients as a 3P Practitioner, positively impacts your progress and returns professionally, personally and financially.

Practicalities of Business

With regards the practicalities of business, you start with understanding the foundational requirements you need to build for your business - Credibility, Positioning & Relevance.  This gives a strong base to flourish from. 

From this stable point, you then can see how these three interact to bring you progress and returns - enabling clarity for others:

  • to afford you respect

  • have them forward you their enquiry

  • and put their trust in your leadership.

M   C   T       Make It Real

What will you learn ?

Terrie will guide your learning:

  1. How to unlearn some of your skills and tools to show your heart's presence to work from

  2. in the key requirements to cross-skill the worlds of a small business, professional consultant in practise and the delivery of the 3P’s.

  3. to earn with confidence and integrity to have a life of ease

  4. to be a leader in the 3Principles community

  5. to enjoy a flourishing practise and personal life with financial freedom. 

You will learn how to make a difference in the life of an individual, a community, a business or in the world - by leading by example.  A successful, organised and fulfilling personal and business life gives others something to enjoy, believe in and learn from.

As well as all of that learning, Terrie also then spends time as your mentor:

  • to hold the space for you to gain insights

  • to give you a safe place to learn and develop depth as a practitioner

  • to journey with you as you coach others

  • to share deeply to unlock the depth within you

  • to be there when you hesitate, to reach out and lift you up

  • to bring clear direction, purpose and confidence into your day and life through encouraging insightful action.

Who are these programs for ?

  • 3P Practitioners wanting to improve their business performance or start a new professional practise.

What does this mentoring program involve ?

6 Months Professional Membership.

  • Once per month online coaching

  • Once per month group call

  • Once per month 1:1 coaching call with Terrie Sanders.

  • Once per quarter online / phone retreat over 2 days (not full days of contact, includes time for deepening reflection, then regroup).  Includes international guest via internet link.

  • VIP discounted ticket to 1 day conference every 6months.  Conference held in Melbourne & Perth. 

    Enquire with Terrie to learn more detailed specifics and to enrol.

Your Investment, private focussed mentoring: 

$399 per month or 

This is specifically individualised for the one person, all focused on your personal and professional interests and achieving chosen outcomes.