3P Practitioners - The Einstein Group
Mastering Insightful Action

Dissolving the Barriers

Being a 3P Practitioner is a bit like an architect who understands there are principles at work, that, when respected and used wisely enables a different quality of establishment to be built.

Sometimes when we make big shifts and see fresh possibilities it can feel like we have landed on our feet, stumbling on exciting new territory as if we have just emerged through an unseen barrier into a whole new world.  Through mentoring with Terrie for 3P Mastery, you are guided, supported, encouraged and celebrated along this path of new discoveries.

Establish the clarity you require to have confidence and purpose for your unique message and delivery in sharing the 3P's. Gain a deeper grounding, giving you clearer direction and practical outcomes including insightful action for income.

Have a safe and understanding space to see even clearer what it is you need - to share and make a difference for others.

There are 3 often heard reasons people want to include or progress as a Practitioner:

  • My life has been touched so deeply by discovering the 3P’s and I want to share this good fortune with others.

  • I can see so many people who knowing this would help

  • Feel drawn to share.

And these are 3 often unvoiced hesitancies or stumbling blocks:

  • Don’t feel confident about what I actually know when I’m sitting in front of client.

  • Don’t know where to find clients.

  • I’ve tried & it doesn’t seem to be falling into place.

Einstein is quoted as having said -
"no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness at which it was created".
The purpose of this group is 
For those already in their own practice - gain support from a mentor who travels with you to continue to deepen and uncover the 3P's in your life.  See your practice evolve and make a difference wider and deeper than you once imagined.

M   C   T       Make It Real

The clearer we become in our understanding, the easier it is to navigate our way through this every day 'contact sport'.  

Terrie spends time as your mentor:

  • to hold the space for you to gain insights

  • to give you a safe place to learn and develop depth as a practitioner

  • to journey with you as you coach others

  • to share deeply to unlock the depth within you

  • to be there when you hesitate, to reach out and lift you up

  • to bring clear direction, purpose and confidence into your day and life through encouraging insightful action.

Who are these programs for ?

  • 3P Practitioners who want to advance their 3P grounding.

What does this mentoring program involve ?

5 months duration:

  • 2 x 1.5hr private mentoring sessions

  • 5 x 1hr private mentoring sessions 

  • 3 x 30minute Check-Ins with Terrie

  • 2 x 15mins Reach-Out, on-the-spot coaching calls

  • 1 x Clarity in Action' focus writings emailed to you

  • Complimentary copy 'The Big Blue Sky of Happiness & the Big Cloud of Sadness.'

  • Terrie's Reflections mailing list

  • Priority access to Terrie via email/phone

Your Investment, private focussed mentoring: 

1 person: $5,000.00 + gst

Your Investment, share focussed mentoring: 

​2 persons:   $3,400.00 + gst (per person)

3 persons:   $2,500.00 + gst (per person)

This is Terrie's signature 3P mentoring program.

Starter option:

6 weeks Mentoring available. 
Enquire with Terrie to learn more.