3P Mastery Mentoring

Take it to the next level.  An extraordinary Life.

Gain support from a mentor seasoned in the 3Principles, who travels with you to continue to deepen and uncover the 3P's in your life.  See your practice evolve and make a difference wider and deeper than you have imagined.

Dear 3P Practitioners

I am excited to be back sharing after some time away.  For those who know me, it would be a delight to work with you once again in some capacity, for those who don’t it would be a pleasure to meet you.

To start with I am keen to share with people who are already ‘using’ the Three Principles in their practise and would like to look deeper into that, as well as those who are working at integrating this in to their practise anew.


In 2003 I had the privilege of journeying to Salt Spring Island to meet and spend time with Elsie Spittle and her husband Ken.  Whilst there I was invited to meet Sydney Banks, and the next year I travelled back and experienced the wonder over again, including the chance of also briefly meeting and being in the company of Dr Bill Pettit and his wife. 


The mystery of how I landed up travelling there was as intriguing as it was beautiful.  A simple few words from Syd at a conference I attended in Europe when he said “you’d like Salt Spring Island”.  I didn’t even know where this island was nor who lived there.  It just lodged in me that this island existed and that Syd Banks had planted a seed in me that felt it was going to grow.


Out of the blue a while later I received a very simple, to the point email from a lady I had briefly met, an Elsie Spittle, advising that she now lives on Salt Spring Island and was accepting coaching clients.  All I knew was that this was the island Syd had mentioned when he leant over and gently planted the seed of those words.  And that there had been a lady of the same name who had sat opposite me in Devon, England at an evening dinner at a pub and we had exchanged a pleasant conversation. 


I felt drawn to make contact, and found that on returning home from SSI my life was forever changed, I had stepped on to that magic carpet.


My experience is that you never know where you might land up when you follow these little ‘seeds’ and signs that feel right to you.  It just felt right, so I acted on it.


So – this is my simple message out to people letting them know that I am now accepting clients for Mastery Coaching.

The Three Principles community has expanded internationally so much during the last years. It is so exciting and wonderful to see so many people touched and sharing. 

Terrie's Three Principles Bio - available on request - click here >>


Terrie enjoys establishing a safe and understanding space for others to see clearer.  To share deeper, make a difference for others and enjoy a wonderful life themselves.

M   C   T       Make It Real

The clearer we become in our understanding, the easier it is to navigate our way through this every day 'contact sport' of life and make a difference.

Terrie spends time as your mentor:

  • to hold the space for you to gain insights

  • to give you a safe place to learn and develop depth as a practitioner

  • to journey with you as you coach others

  • to share deeply to unlock the depth within you

  • to be there when you hesitate

  • to bring clear direction, purpose and confidence into your day and life through encouraging insightful action.

Who are these programs for ?

  • 3P Practitioners who want to advance their 3P grounding

  • Life Coaches who want to include 3P coaching in their practice

  • Entrepeneurs wanting to coach 3P's within an organisation or team

  • Team Leaders wanting to advance their 3P grounding.

What does this mentoring program involve ?

6 months duration:

  • 10 x 1hr Mentoring Sessions with Terrie

  • 2 x Bonus Sessions

  • Focus writings emailed to you fortnightly

  • Complimentary Special Edition signed copy 'The Big Blue Sky of Happiness & the Big Cloud of Sadness.'

  • Terrie's Reflections mailing list

  • Priority access to Terrie via email/phone

  • Discounted place in the 'Bring Back the Happiness' coaching.

Your Investment, private focussed mentoring: 

1 person: $6,000.00 incl GST