Sharing the Happiness
Special Session

The Big Blue Sky of Happiness

Book 1 - deconstructed.

Book 1 deconstructed - $66 per person.  Max 5 people, 1.5hr teleconference phone session.  One off special session.

These single, one-off sessions are held on Tues, Thurs or Friday mornings, Perth time.

Terrie takes you to the hidden depths of the story. 

Uncovers the subtleties that came to her when writing the story and how they play in our everyday experiences. 

Just like Adrian was by his brother, Terrie lovingly takes you deeper into the messages in Book 1 and how in our everyday life we equally have the same gifts of MCT at play to be happy and share the Happiness.

This is for you if you are sharing the Three Principles in any environment from personal to professional,

pro-bono or charities, community welfare.

The only way to know true self is to experience it. 


Rather than learn how to talk about - when you experience it, you can talk about it. Being home is the way to know home.

This is all about knowing how to find happy feelings.  To live as much as possible from there, and when not here, knowing that is the case.

Terrie Sanders - 3 P Practitioners

Commissioned Small Group Coaching. 

Audio Excerpt.