Sunset on the Beach

Your business dream is only a practicality away

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What I know - is that YOU want to be independent.

You are a capable thinker, a bright spark in your area of skill, talent, knowledge.  Yet taking what you have to market is unknown territory.

I was lucky enough to be there at the age of 23yrs when I was offered an opportunity to start a business consulting to a large corporation in my areas of expertise. 

Sunset on the Beach
Sunset on the Beach

I designed, built, learnt my way to lead my company for 13yrs.  Then changing direction, I started another small business of a smaller style for 10yrs and then pivoted to a 3rd model of business 3yrs ago to include more distance and online consulting and program access for clients.


As a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer you will be wearing every hat.  You may grow to having support staff and maybe a team of people working with you. 


Whatever your setup evolves into, as the leader you will need to be across the financials, your online presence, your first website design, your choice of social media presence (or not), your prospective and client lists, suppliers, agreements, legalities and communications.  The list goes on. 

No two businesses are the same. The need for guidance and support is.  And life needs to still be lived whilst you are busy making other plans.

Let me help you find the easy path through.  Ask the tricky questions early and flag for you potential danger zones. At the same time as letting you enjoy doing the creation yourself and celebrating your successes, picking you up when you falter.

I wish I had been able to find this kind of guidance and support when I was starting out. Although I kept looking and asking around for advice, hoping people would share, I had to do it all myself.  It was hard, lonely and fraught with much more trial and error than was necessary if I had had a mentor who was interested in my advancement.

If you are someone who:

  • wants to build your own business

  • doesn't want a mainstream job and be employed by someone else

  • has a product, skill or service you are passionate about

  • want to make a difference in the humanities or for the natural world

  • and are secretly petrified of your forage into business being a failure and worse a financial burden

Then this is why I created Ready, Set, SHINE….for you.


Sunset on the Beach

Owning a solo-entrepreneurial business has many moving parts. This way you will have the best chance early in your business so you can clearly see if this is for you, if you can make this a success.  One that fulfils your personal mission, your financial requirements and brings you joy in your achievements.

Over the years I remember people using the words that they just seemed to be getting nowhere. Which is why I nearly called my mentoring "Stop Going Nowhere Fast".

And that's what Ready, Set, SHINE is all about.

Cheers, Terrie Sanders.