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We get into business and consulting, coaching, to do what we love, believe in and to make a difference for people.  All your energy is put into the customer, client and staff, often resulting in not much left for you. 

Terrie's purpose is to see you flourish in what you do.  She loves to see a person flourishing in their practice and business, knowing that they are not only making a difference for others, they also have everything they need and a great life too. 

She enjoys her speakership to groups, and especially enjoys mentoring her clients in the 6months mentoring packages seeing their life and practise really taking off.  Bringing to life those dreams they have held for so long come to fruition right in front of their eyes.

Her mentoring assists you solve how to keep positioning yourself for success in each moment, by being resilient, engaging fresh thinking and recognising which thoughts to act on and put your energy into.  


This then fuels productivity, engages confidence and fulfilment and frees time for you.

"Do what matters, with people who care, whilst building a lifetime of happiness."
Terrie Sanders.



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Terrie advises small business owners, consultants & private practitioners to enable them to gain career satisfaction, business success and personal achievement through understanding how to live via clarity rather than chaos.  

When your weeks become chaotic and you feel your business is driving you rather than you designing your business, this is where Terrie is at her best for you.

Terrie is interested in YOU, not your skills set.  Going in to business, you need to be personally ‘Primed for Success’ to last - in good form - the distance of your business plan.  Do you know if you are going to be able to keep up the pace both mentally and physically ?  Are you going to be able to mainta­in the pace to enjoy the rewards of your hard work ?  Will you have enough energy at the end of the day to spend time with family and friends – both mentally and physically ?  Terrie mentors people, showing them how to gain clarity on their ability for mental and physical resiliency, and then act on it to make a difference for themselves.






Through her individual and group programs she shows people the innate and natural skills of mental and physical resiliency they already have.  She has navigated her way through this herself through different challenges and experiences so draws on practical life learnings, not just theories.  

Terrie is the person who has you feeling on the inside as good as you present on the outside.  What you have thought down deep inside is possible for your own well being - Terrie shows you how to 'Make It Real'.  She assists you get clear about what is needed fundamentally to live a full and responsive life.

"Thank you for enabling my husband to feel so amazing ! "  
Wife supporting client Tas.

"Being primed for success, requires 
resiliency as a foundation."

What's unique about Terrie's messages is that they are not about adding new skills training, but about realising how to 'turn-on' some foundational keys necessary to have you primed for success.

Once the individual has experienced clarity at the depth that Terrie points to, and the results of their actions from that focus, they then have renewed confidence in themselves, their decisions and the desire to continue.  This results in more time available in a calm state to spend with others, more focused productive days and more peaceful sleep at night.  This covertly then starts dissolving those hidden agendas of feeling unfulfilled and loss of confidence in decisions. 

"Terrie brings to her clients a way to be resilient 'on the 'turn of a coin'.  Seeing how to do this gives clarity, purpose and clear direction to act on."

You can book Terrie to come and speak to your group - small business regional groups, women in business groups, consulting professionals.  Contact her direct to discuss.