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Soft Cover, 40 pages
Release: October 2018

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Author: Terrie Sanders

Illustr: Andressa Meissner

Published by the Thoughtful Book Series

The Big Blue Sky of Happiness AND THE FRIEND

The Big Blue Sky of Happiness AND THE FRIEND

We're never too old to be reminded of friendship and playful love.

Adrian starts to realise that we have separate realities.  That we don't always think the same way as our loved ones all of the time.  And that this is okay.  We have our own freewill.

He continues to learn about the gift of thought and happiness via The Big Blue Sky of Happiness with the gentle help of his family, Adrian learns further how to make sense of his feelings and cope with life’s ups, downs and adventures.  

This practical book is the second of four in the Big Blue Sky of Happiness series. This series is for children of all ages, as well as adults who understand they are still young enough to learn something new.


The books have a special feel and essence about them, inspiring and engaging the reader’s imagination while gently touching hearts.

The Children's Version of Book 2

is currently being formatted for print. You can register your interest here and we will be in contact once they are ready .

Expected release date October 2018.

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