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29 June 2018

Stay the Course.

When I was racing tandem bikes internationally, we had a race plan. 

This came from experienced and well qualified people advising us, who we respected.  As well as our own experience and knowledge of how our bodies were performing, how we were ‘showing up’ to what was needed to bring together our best at an event.  We trusted our race plan.

From where I sit, insight is our game plan for life.  When we recognise it, trust it, feel the truth from it, it guides us to places we possibly aren’t even imagining at the time.


In competition racing, I noticed the parallel with life. 


That you bring your best to what you feel drawn to do, show up on the day, enjoy yourself, learn something new, make new friends, celebrate each other’s wins and leave content and happy with a story to tell.


Maybe one day you’ll get to hear the full story of our European championships in Germany, where, although we were the top performers on the day for one particular track event, we were not legally allowed to win being guest athletes, which we fully understood. 

                                             The spirit of the competition                                                 was summed up when the                                                   gold medallists walked off

                                             the podium in the middle of                                                   their presentation ceremony                                                 and gave to myself, and                                                         Sandra my tandem Captain,                                                 their winners jerseys. 

The respect and heart in that gesture - more memorable than a gold medal.  Special people.

Stay the course.  Cheers to you enjoying your game plan.

Here's to new possibilities.  


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