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One person can influence a room full of people, a teleconference call, a zoom meeting and brng it to a whole new dimension.

This shift can be elating and uplift to fresh, new and deliverable or can ring such a dull bell that the group starts to drag or even dismantle. The group leader will have to work hard to maintain some cohesion & momentum, yet this will also go nowhere if your leader is the one with the dull sounding bell. Read more

Resilience, Clarity, Action

Terrie's speciality is in guiding others to success within their business, personal life or specific project they are undertaking.


A high achiever herself, Terrie has had success in creating, guiding and managing a successful consulting business with a team of employees from when she was 23 yrs of age.  She has represented Australia, competing in tandem cycling.  Bringing home gold medals and world records to name a couple of key achievements.  

She now mentors private clients, high achievers and small business owners to proactively set themselves up for success.


by ensuring they have foccussed on their own selves not just their skill set, so that they are robust and primed personally to 'make the distance' and see their projects and future plans succeed be it work, adventure challenges, elite competition or high achievers.

Being primed for success, requires authenticity and clear insightful direction.  In line iwth your a foundation, to enable both your body and your presence of mind to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle and pace of life that you ask of them.  Ultimately fulfilling what you are driven to create and complete in life.

Definition of authentic:

Made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original:

‘the restaurant serves authentic Italian meals’

‘every detail of the film was totally authentic’

Her work in Resiliency has 3 streams: DIAGRAM.

1. Programs using unique individual biochemical profiling which enables correction of energy production and tissue integrity, returning vibrancy and physical capability to bodies for people who still have more to give.  

2.As well as various modalities to teach the foundations necessary for resiliency in the moment. Enabling effective human relations via a healthy human understanding.


In all high achievements, from business building, corporate positioning, sporting achievements, on the speaking circuit and challenging life circumstances - without an understanding of these foundations, and how specificially to use them to set yourself up for success - they will at some stage demand your attention (whether you want it or like it or not) to get back on track.  

And Terrie is an extraordinary achiever herself, paving the way for others to have success from her decades of work uncovering, refining and even recovering herself from the pitfalls of not realising these foundations earlier.  From gold medals, world records, various Leader Awards, an Order of Australia Medal, to success in business from 23yrs of age.

Being primed for success, requires resiliency as a foundation.

The Art of a Healthy Human Understanding.



Rough Diamonds

Toxic Interruptions

Healthy Human Performance

Interior Design Mentorship

Critical Point - Point of No Return

Speaking Topics:


BBSH Deconstructed

Mastery Level / 3P Practitioner Access

Healthy Human Understanding

Resiliency In the Moment

The Clarity Matrix


Human Interaction


True North


Pont Critical

Big Word:

Love is the Language.

?True Potential.

Terrie sees Clarity amidst Chaos  & Wisdom within Confusion.

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