The Thoughtful Books

Life's too short to be anything but Happy.
Terrie's support writings are used in her coachings and based on her objective of guiding Entrepeneurs
in leadership positions - how to

"Do what Matters
With People who Care
Whilst building a Lifetime of Happiness".

The Big Blue Sky of Happiness Series
We're never too old to be touched by insight. 

These books have a special feel and essence about them. Not focused on being an overt educational or motivational read, rather inspiring from within.  Engaging the individuals own imagination and gently touching hearts. 

Adrian is a little boy who learns through life experiences and mentoring from family members about the gift of thought and happiness via The Big Blue Sky of Happiness.

A series of books for everyone.  The manuscript speaks to people of all ages, and the book design sits just as comfortably on the coffee table as it does in the bookcase of children, teenagers and adults.