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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

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11 September 2022


One day a person was eagerly out in their new garden, learning about nature, wondering what next to do that will be nurturing, healthful and beautiful.

They saw a healthy green creeping vine with the most beautiful purple flower growing happily with ease in areas that would be barren and bare if not for this lovely creeping plant.

A friend stopped past and pointed to the very healthy green plant with the beautiful purple flowers and exclaimed “oh no, you don’t want that purple flower growing in your garden it is a weed”.

The friend immediately started pulling the plant out of the ground.

Thanking the friend for their guidance, they waved goodbye when it was time to for them to go.

The young person looked down at the ground where the happy green vine with purple flowers once had been growing and had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

The person was now looking down at a bare patch of ground with the heat beating down on it.  It had even dried quickly in the time it took just that day since the vine had been pulled out.


For years the person diligently pulled that vine out. 
All the time wondering if this really was the right thing to be doing.


Years later, on a new property they had bought -there was the vine again.

Growing so happily under the mature trees, covering the soil with it’s love and protection, happy in it’s naturally inclined job.

Something was healthy here.  Something was right here.  The person hesitated again,  pulled a few of the vines to feel like they were doing the right thing in case their friend visited soon and was upset with them.

Then one day, they had a sense that they didn’t want to pull out the vine.  There was something naturally healthy already happening there that they didn’t need to interfere with. 


They had a sense that maybe they would look and listen wider and see if another person might just be thinking what they are too.

And what did they find ?

So much joy and love and compliments for what this lovely vine brought to the garden.  More than the general eye could see, and deeper still, pointed to the microscopic life beneath the soil, to the aeration and life giving actions it brought. The already healthy naturalness of the growth of the vine.

The story of the healthy green vine with the beautiful purple flower – reminded the young person…
- to realise for themselves
- trust their own intuition within
- live with the mystery yet deep feeling of truth in life’.

It felt right. 


And the person wondered why they had spent so many years holding on to something that they didn’t feel comfortable with, had a deep sense of query about - right from the very beginning.

What is your purple flower story ?

Cheers, TS


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