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Every client I have worked with has a different need, a different level of understanding of human biology and a different interest as to how much learning they would like on the way to recovery.

Each client and their project is dealt with uniquely for their particular circumstance.  I would rather speak with you personally and identify with you how my work may be able to assist and work from there.

Generally I find there are 3 groups of people I assist:

1.  People who have clear tissue compromise or energy affected and they know someone who has worked with me and like the results they see or have been told about by that client.  Together, we define if there is a possibility my work may help and where to start.  These people generally are keen to resolve the underlying cause, correct it and move on.  

In this website you will likely have read, might benefit from reading the different categories on the Home Page,  as well as call and have a chat.

2.   People who have some idea of the possibility of chronic toxin exposure and how it can affect our energy production & tissue integrity. These people often want assistance with identifying their situation or have a specific project they would like to accomplish from regulating body fat to checking they are training in a way that is healthful and helpful for their bodies - a healthy human performance.


You might like to have a read of the Tell Me More section of this website and scroll through the differing ways people have used my services from reading Toxic Footprints to Strong Woman Recovery to gaining confidence through our work together that they can put load on their body and be more certain that the tissues can take extra exertion and that their energy system is operating healthfully to their benefit.

3.  The Mastery Level - are the clients who find they too become quite in awe of the biochemistry information and the results using the sub-clinical signs and toxic footprints that are possible.  I find these are often people who are 'achievers' whether in business, sports, personal achievements.  They take a deeper interest in wanting to understand the reasonings and deeper commonsense explanations of the science.  

So whatever level of need or interest you have, Terrie happily accommodates, as her primary interest is to get you or your loved one back into life and enjoying themselves without being overwhelmed and without compromise.

What's your need ?

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Note: Images on this website are used to capture the excitement described by clients as they achieve their goals & get back into life.

Some photos are real and courtesy of clients showing achievements.  These remain anonymous to respect their privacy.

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