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Terrie still offers her physical resiliency work for recovering healthful energy production and tissue integrity.

Her consulting service is based on what she calls 'Wonderment Physiology' - to see with wonder the capacity for healing by the human body.

This combines:

  1. The Clarity Instinct - being open to hearing new information and acting on it with clarity.

  2. Seven Sub-Clinical Signs - as discovered & taught by Terrie's mentor H.L. Sam Queen

  3. Understanding the impact of chronic bio-accumulation on our individual bio- chemistries and the effect this can have on our physical functioning.


Clients who know her services previously as Healthy Human Performance, please contact Terrie direct to discuss continued services.

Terrie also speaks on invitation about the ability for the body to recover energy production and tissue integrity and the involvement of chronic bio-accumulation.


Physical Resiliency

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"Terrie has been a remarkable student
of the human health model approach that we teach and practice.  In her own right she has become a healer of note. "
Sam Queen, March 2018.