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Terrie works with entrepeneurs who want to get their body back to working condition to enjoy the rewards of their life work.

Terrie's work is on referral from previous clients.  If you have heard about her work and would like to know more about her programs, have a read of the current programs below. 


Then contact Terrie to discuss further and you will then be sent details about the package that takes your interest.

                                                    Starter              Proactive                Primed            Alumni

Biochemistry Test/Retest            Y                          -                             Y                      -                        

Recipes                                          -                          Y                             Y                      Y

Pocketbooks                                  -                          -                             Y                      -

Introductory Review                     Y                         Y                             Y                      -

Comprehensive Summary           -                         -                              Y                      -

Quarterly GBT Newsletters          -                         Y                             Y                      Y

Access to Webstore                      Y                         Y                             Y                      Y

Access to Think Tank                    ?                         Y                             Y                      Y 


Unlimited email & phone              -                         -                              Y                      -



You've heard through one of Terrie's clients of her work and you would like to have look at where your body is currently on the sub-clinical continuum and if there are any signs of toxic interruptions.  This is a basic summary review of your current status with a 1hour consult with Terrie.  This requires a private biochemistry test, details discussed with you on enquiry.


You can see that your body isn't keeping up like it used to and this is starting to compromise how you feel and your ability to maintain your earning capability and social interactions.

You are the type of person who likes to get in early and make change rather than continue to let the circumstance worsen and have your lifestyle and business fall by the wayside due to fatigue and your body not responding when needed.  It might even be bringing out a 'grumpy' side in you that you'd rather not have. 


This short course package of 6 sessions enables you to learn from Terrie about your own unique situation and tendencies, make the changes and start getting yourself back on track.


This 6 month personalised coaching package is for you if you are serious about turning your situation around.  Terrie stands by your side as you come to understand where you are, what you need to do and get down and do it.  Focus for 6 months and work to re-establish your tissue status and energy availability under close guidance.  


You've done all the work and seen the rewards, now keep it going by keeping refreshed and uptodate with monthly information from Terrie including a new recipe, reminder tips and interesting science facts, think-tank readings to keep you on your toes and in the know.

This includes access to SOI scripts, web store and personalised web portal.  For full details, contact Terrie.