The Clarity Whisperer

Get Your Life - Back on Track

Our body has a natural capacity for physical resiliency when challenged.  
If these stores and defenses become depleted, we will then see the body give us signs and hints that it needs assistance.  Left unchecked, these challenges can lead to clinical events, diagnosis and require medical intervention and clinical treatment.


Why Clarity ?  Why me ?
Clarity is needed to move to new heights, new findings, new insights than we have lived with previously.  The first step to resiliency and change is realising that there is need for fresh thinking and being open to new information.
'As far as answering the question 'why me', I too would like to know why.  It just seems to be that in my lifetime this was the course my life took.  Now I feel very privileged to be in a position to continue to develop and share my experiences and findings.' Read about Terrie.

Terrie found this out for herself when she had a toxic interruption of her own.  She realised that if all that she knew, and all the advice she was grateful to be receiving from health practitioners was all there was needed to know, then she would be recovered by now.  It was then that her process of discovery of the Physical Resiliency Model began and her discovery of the play in our biochemistry of Toxic Interruptions.
She went on to study, develop and coach clients how to recover from a Toxic Interruption and recuperate their physical capacity and resiliency.
Who is this program for ?
  • Small Business Owners

  • Retiring Sports People in transition - setting up new life direction.

What does the program involve ?
  • 5 x 1.5hr (one per fortnight) Private Skype mentoring sessions with Terrie 

  • 3 x 30minute Check-Ins with Terrie

  • 4 x Crisis Coaching: on-the-spot coaching calls

  • Email contact  ?

  • Access to the Toxic Interruptions Curriculum

  • The Clarity Factor Book

  • Weekly worksheet ???Accountability