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in helping others. Whilst building a lifetime of HAPPINESS

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Terrie is a Bright Spark. 

A respected leader in the
Art of Insightful Action.

A Transformational Ignitor. Jumping the boundaries of time 
Bringing possibilities
Alive Now.


Terrie primes people for success. Specialising in how to find Connection, 

Happiness, Resiliency & Progress 
in the areas of Productivity and Achievement, 
for Business & Life Success.​

Terrie is an Advisor to Entrepeneurs showing them how to create a flourishing practice whilst helping others.  I show people how to -“Do work that matters, with people who care, whilst building a flourishing life."  An expert in building a lifetime of happiness with a viable practice.

A leader in understanding our innate ability for Confidence & Resiliency and how to easily and naturally harness this for solutions.​  Terrie enjoys bringing out the best in people to have them working in their highest potential, right now. She knows how to teach others to do this too.

"Do work that matters, with people who care, whilst building a flourishing life".

Terrie is focused on optimal human flourishing.  Showing people how to experience and achieve this.  Highly accomplished herself with an extraordinary ability for resilience she has various achievements to be proud of, which you'll learn a bit more about as you read on.​

Terrie mentors and coaches high achievers.  Speaks and conducts development programs for groups.

Terrie's professional drive is that she likes to see people have clear direction & purpose in a relaxed, confident and insightful manner. This brings them to living a life that is true for them, and practical too.  They can then be positioned for a progressive and positive outcome, including the practicality of achieving 100%+ of their earning capability that feels right for them.

"Be the expert within you. Jump the boundaries of Time".

One of Australia's leaders on fresh thinking & resiliency via insight, clarity & action, Terrie consults with people developing their professional practice in areas of perseverance (staying the course) and those wanting to prime themselves for success. She also coaches individuals and groups in leadership roles as well as those needing resiliency or resolution for success & achievement.

Terrie has walked her talk in owning and managing a successful small business which included leading her teams of between 5 - 30 people at any one time (mixture of full-time through to casuals) over a 13year span.  She has brought home for Australia, Gold and World Records in international cycling and was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her accomplishments.  

She often states for people - "it is not what you know, it is not your opinion that ensures success, it is not following another's advice necessarily.  it is the wisdom to know what to do with what you have been given that makes the difference."

Wisdom prior to action is the moment of clarity that matters.  Terrie shows you how to elicit wisdom and clarity, then act insightfully to progress and move forward successfully. This she calls 'the Art of Insightful Action'.  Putting back into perspective the lost art & quality of understanding the power of calm.

"The Art of Insightful Action", Terrie Sanders.

Terrie is the Author of the Thoughtful Book Series.  Due for release this year.

What is it that makes us tick ? what is behind our choice of actions that leads to success or failure ? what is it that has one able to stand up and not only get back up off the canvas, but get up, brush off and find a new found reason to keep going with renewed spirit and purpose. Business, career and life can make high demands of us.

"My professional interest is to ensure we keep smart, genius, forward thinking people from falling short of the longevity of their business plan and mission in life - due to the common first point of failure - exhaustion, confusion & hesitation.  Once the romance is over these can move in pretty quickly." Terrie Sanders.

Terrie primes people for success through showing them how to find clarity on the turn of a coin. This then changes the whole course of that moment and interaction, giving clear direction from within yourself and fuelling progress and confidence. With so many sliding door moments, it is important you feel liberated in these moments at the same time as achieving positive interactions and results.  

Financially, our business, career and life requires us to be clear minded and on the ball. Chaos in this area specifically is one road to failure.  So unnecessary.  Many think they need new skills, so did I early on in my first business.  Until I met a trained Accountant who was bankrupt within 3 yrs of starting their business. Being privy to this was a real gift to me as I realised that it wasn't just what you know, it's what you do with what you know & knowing how to find fresh thinking - timely, and act on it.

"Living by insight gives us perspective for decisions, clear focus to take action on, resiliency in a moment, confidence for interactions, saves time & money that otherwise is spent in confusion, distraction and fixing errors.

How to live from clarity comes from your level of understanding of how to recognise Insight, elicit Clarity, and then your ability to stay focused 
Act on it."  
Terrie Sanders.

thought leader

"Living an insightful life brings ease, confidence and peace of mind". This is not only the message Terrie works with people to fulfil, it is also the sense you have when with her. She is happy, focused, peaceful, content and lives what she shares. 

Advice is sought via client referrals, being testamount to her ability to assist clients elicit change in their lives for positive and rewarding progress and rewards.  Read more...


Terrie's Thoughtful Book Series is due to be launched in April 2018, with the release of Book 1 - 'The Big Blue Sky of Happiness & The Big Cloud of Sadness' Her  signature book is getting closer to completion.  This book reflects Terrie's life work on the subject of productivity via a 'Healthy Human Understanding'.

Terrie is a trusted advisor on how to find -

Clarity amidst Chaos, Wisdom within Confusion.