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11 March 2018

The Full Bucket Syndrome.

When working in my physical resiliency role with clients, it is clear to me reading the biochemistry, when there is a situation of chronic bio-accumulation, or the 'Full Bucket Syndrome' as I have termed it.  Making the concept a bit easier for an individual to better grasp the meaning.

Often that person has successfully in some instances dulled down or turned off the symptoms which has them feeling a bit more comfortable for a while in their absence.  Yet it always fascinates me when looking at what the body is telling us, as to whether the reason has actually been resolved.

Pain, redness, soreness, aches, restricted movement, lethargy, related to poor energy production or compromised tissue integrity in my arena are just some symptoms that people may mention.  The key though, from where I sit, in my perspective, is to find out what the body is doing that it is crying out for attention to hear that it is struggling with its' usual successful accomplishments for us and instead has had to resort to different actions and giving us hints along the way with the symptoms - to pay attention. 

Our body will choose different biochemical ways to keep us going.  Some are healthful and give us longevity, others are more like an emergency response to deal with a chronic accumulation challenge.  And then there are all the other options between those two extremes that the body may choose from.  Sub-clinical is the area that interests me and I work with.  I'm interested in keeping people closer to the healthful operating end of the continuum, it's easier to keep life in balance when you are at that end.

I have come to not be afraid of symptoms.  I see these as positive, useful and productive.  Clues to the sub-clinical signs. Maybe easy for me to say on this side of the fence of my own recovery and the knowledge I now have to view this from.  Maybe not so much when I didn't have the answers to make sense of things for me, way back when.

So today what I realised, is that although I may talk and work with resolving chronic bio-accumulation that affects our ability to produce energy healthfully and maintain tissue integrity for high level functioning with our human body in my physical resiliency realm, the flash of the blinding obvious at a deeper level of understanding is how we can also take into our brains a chronic load of words and memories of pictures (e.g. tv, movies) that can lead us to a full bucket of confusion and angst to deal with as well.

Personal resiliency and insight is my other professional area and I now feel inclined to ask the question - "what in your day has added to your brain accumulation" that maybe you don't need ?  

Both types of accumulation seems to lead to a full bucket syndrome it seems to me.  Consciousness shifts are such a gift to empty out some of our mental bucket that is not serving us, yet maybe, just maybe...if we were more aware of this to start with we might just choose instead to involve our minds in things that bring a full bucket of nice memories and pleasant eye feasts each day by choice.

Why ?  because we can.  Just as we can choose to minimise the exposures we put our bodies through that can lose us quality of life, earning capacity and personal interactions due to ignorance or innocence.

So there we go, now you know of the concept of the Full Bucket Syndrome.  Use it how you want, yet, the number of clients I see who lose years of their life before they realise this, I gently encourage us all to take note and act wisely to give you the best chance of staying on track in life and choose to listen to your body the next time it is trying to tell you it is dealing with a full bucket and could do with some proactive protection.

An overflowing bucket means a whole lot more cleaning up.

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