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14 March 2018

The Clarity Instinct - Practicality and Performance.

When it comes to taking focussed action and having that sense that you are on the right track for investing your time and energy into something - be it searching for an answer, an idea that has come to mind, a venture or project that you are being offered to participate in - there is a sense we get that we are 'on-track'.

Yet on occasions, that certainty can be missing.  Sometimes we feel in no-man's land on what feels right to pursue or partake in and one can find themselves worrying at night, feeling confused, hesitant and lost, no clear direction.  As if we are waiting for that one card to fall into place in our hands to know what step to take next.

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I remember when I was in my late teens, I was invited to play in the University of Western Australia Youth Orchestra, second violins.  I loved the fact that we would be given a manuscript of music to practise on our own.  To then turn up to the orchestra ready to give our best.  We would start playing, sometimes clumsy at first, then under the guidance of the rhythm of our conductor we would start to play the most beautiful music altogether.  

And yet there was a special moment that has stayed with me over the years.  I can't name the pieces we were playing or even hum the tunes.  The moment that stands out was always surprising and yet perfect every time, 

As the music played, there would often be a crescendo or a momentum that would build.  As if we were just an introduction to something extra special.

We would play on and the full orchestra would be sounding beautiful.  Yet it would still feel like something was missing, something wa needed to complete the sound.  Then, out of a moment of silence we would hear it.  A pure, perfect 'ting' from the triangle. 


A fresh, clear, momentary sound.  Piercing through the sudden silence of hiatus whilst the orchestra took leave of their music.  As if waiting for a moment of perfection, guidance, that each orchestral member knew they couldn't have created themselves.

I found I would take a breath at the sound of this unassuming, yet clear moment that seemed something new, fresh, unexpected, pure even. 

It felt right that this was needed to finish off, clean up, make sense of, even at times feel like a completion or reset, that the rest of the offering we had put into progress just couldn’t match.

One moment, crystal clear.   All knowing.  

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Just like the orchestra, we have an instinct that there is a special moment we are waiting for, for everything to fall into place.  Out in the world we can mistakenly think that it is some big event or momentous happening.  Yet it is in the subtlety of our wisdom within when our own thinking stops for just a moment that our 'ting' is heard and we have our own moment of clarity.  Gently, lovingly, coming to us in our moment of personal silence.

This is what it feels like to get that moment of clear direction to act from in life.  We have an instinct that we know to wait for that moment of clarity.  The Clarity Instinct.

Sports Psychologists see the results of this when their athletes are 'in-flow'.  Einstein pointed to this when he postured that 'a problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness at which it was created'.  

In my consultancy, I am privileged to work with people to move them from chaos to clarity and action.  From just surviving to performing.

I love to see the sparkle in a person's eye when they have that moment and know with certainty what they need to do next.  It is a privilege to show people how to recognise and elicit these moments to be practical and productive, so rewarding for both of us.

​Here's to new possibilities.  



Terrie is a trusted advisor on how to find -

Clarity amidst Chaos, Wisdom within Confusion.

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