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Learn how to create Clarity amidst Chaos, Wisdom within Confusion. 

Clarity - Move on from Chaos

Chaos in our thinking, creates chaos when actioned.


We all think, we all can create chaos.  That's easy done. It is the degree to which we realise this and know how to tell when we are there that determines the outcome of our actions.​

It's the same with Clarity.  Yet there is a 'point critical' that is subtle and often unknown that determines whether you recognise where you are and which side of the fence (chaos or clarity) you are about to step into and act from.

It's ​a bit like the game of snakes and ladders. The more we act from clarity, the more ladders we can climb the 'higher' our perspective.  The more from Chaos, the more slippery slopes to manage. 

You might just see now where you are on the ladder and what you have to gain if you take on this learning.  


When we are living in chaos, we often don't relate to the words as much as we do our earning capacity.  If you honestly look at your reward on return and see where you sit for you, this often reflects your Clarity to Chaos ratio.  E.g. feeling like you are at 10% return on effort = 90% chaos,

It's pretty clear that we are living in a fast paced society with health and earning challenged in new ways.  We need to be able to stand on our own two feet and make decisions and actions in a calm confidence that serves us in many unknown situations.

There are four typical cycles people get themselves caught up in:

  1. Wished they felt more confident in their decisions.

  2. Lose time behind closed doors worrying & paralysed as to what to do next.

  3. Wishing their earnings reflected their effort.

  4. Finding they are often in 'brain shutdown' - half the brain is panicking and the other half isn't listening.

My interest is in helping people 'Make It Real'. Turning what might seem impossible into reality, by realising that what they are thinking IS becoming reality.

The realisation 'That We Think' turns what once was wishing, into being clear about when you are uncovering fresh wisdom to act on. 


Time spent in ruminating, regurgitating, worrying, guessing, chasing answers in a mind that never shuts down, firstly takes away from interacting, hearing, engaging, resting and sleeping.  


Inter-relations are rationalised to save time, and time is stolen from where you can snatch it to make up - sleep, holidays, socialising, personal time with your significant partners, loved ones and friends.  Time, energy and investment is spent in correcting errors and chaos starts to thrive. Exhaustion, hesitation and confusion make their home.

It is easy to think that this scenario is only impacting our brain capacity, yet it is not too long before physical exhaustion sets in from a routine that cannot be maintained or something will have to give.  

Terrie coaches you to:

  • understand how to move up the growth & focus ladders to multiply your progress in a positive direction to enable you to gain returns to 100% + of your earning capability. 

  • recognise when you are in 'thought chaos'

  • recognise fresh thinking and act on it

  • know when to 'step-up or step-back' from taking action to keep moving you in a wise and productive direction

  • bring clear direction, purpose and confidence into your day and life through insightful action.

Direction, Purpose, Confidence.

As much as one may try, we don't actually think ourselves into this position of clear direction. Instead it requires Resilience (Insight/Fresh Thinking), Clarity and Action - which then returns Direction, Purpose and Confidence once you see the progress that unfolds as a result.

Having clarity means that your progress and results improve such that you then find yourself in a purposeful, clear direction.  You then take action with confidence and find each time you elicit and action like this, the percentage shifts from living in chaos to living in clarity. The positive rewards are evident and obvious.

About the Mentoring Program:

4 month duration

  • Build solid foundations of how to be resilient that is repeatable and practical

  • A place that is safe to investigate and practice your new found confidence 

  • Clear guidance on how to transform your life insightfully 

  • A patient place where you will be given respect and also enabled to practice how to act from clarity.

  • Practical guidance on how to translate this into business and professional practice for immediate results, setting the foundation for establishing long term rewards.

Who is this personalised coaching for ?
  • Small business owners, consultants, practice owners.

What does the program involve ?
  • 2 x 1.5hr private mentoring sessions

  • 5 x 1hr private mentoring sessions 

  • 3 x 30minute Check-Ins with Terrie

  • 2 x 15mins Reach-Out, on-the-spot coaching calls

  • 3 x Clarity in Action' focus writings emailed to you

  • Access to Terrie via email/phone

  • Weekly Focus-Support.

Your Investment: $5,000.00 + gst