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3P Group Series

Looking for peace of mind and clarity in your day and with others.

Dissolving the Barriers

Being a 3P Practitioner is a bit like an architect who understands there are principles at work, that, when respected and used wisely enables a different quality of establishment to be built.

Sometimes when we make big shifts in consciousness it can feel like we have landed on our feet, stumbling on exciting new territory as if we have just emerged through an unseen barrier into a whole new world.

This program offers you the opportunity to:

  • establish the clarity you require to have confidence and purpose for your unique message and delivery in sharing the 3P's

  • gain a deeper grounding, giving you clearer direction

  • elicit practical outcomes including insightful action for income

  • have a safe and understanding space to gain a fresh understanding on how to develop and enjoy a flourishing practice inclusive of the Three Principles.

There are 3 reasons I often have people share with me as to why they want to include or progress as a 3P Practitioner:

  • My life has been touched so deeply by discovering the 3P’s and I want to share this good fortune with others.

  • I can see so many people who knowing this would help

  • Feel drawn to share.

And I find there are 3 often unvoiced hesitancies or stumbling blocks:

  • Don’t feel confident about what I actually know when I’m sitting in front of client.

  • Don’t know where to find clients.

  • I’ve tried & it doesn’t seem to be falling into place.

3P Practitioners will know that speaking in metaphors and using models are not the answer to a deeper understanding.  Yet I do find they assist distract and redirect, which is explained within the trainings to be clear.

To get out of guessing and stalled however, and living from Insightful Action, there are some key shifts taht 

The clearer we become in our understanding, the easier it is to navigate our way through this every day 'contact sport'.  Those of you who have already benefited from Terrie's Clarity Factor coaching or have already been introduced to the 3P global community are welcome to participate in Terrie's Mastery/3P Practitioner group and individual mentoring programs.

Who are these programs for ?
  • 3P Practitioners in Australia

  • People who have been touched by the 3P's and would like to know how to make a difference for others.

What do these programs involve ?
3P Group Series 2018
Topic:  Insightful Action.
  • Duration 6wks.

  • Individual connect with Terrie prior to series commencing

  • 3 x 1hr fortnightly Teleconference group calls

  • 4 Participants Only

  • 3 x 'The Insightful Practitioner' Writings for Reflection, written specifically for this master class.

  • 2 x Reach-Out 5 minute phone calls as needed per participant.

  • 2 x Bonus Sessions

  • Priority access to Terrie via email/phone for the duration of the series.

Intake Dates for 2018.  New groups commence in months:







As these are small groups, we will decide together on a time that we will meet. Please go ahead and enrol, then you will be contacted by Terrie's office to arrange suitable group time.

Your Investment:  $500 +gst per person.  ENROL NOW >>

Note: Terrie specifically chooses teleconference phone calls for these particular programs to minimise distraction and to enable a reflective environment for the group.

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