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healthy human performance

Feel like your body is winding down before it's time ?
Getting a glimpse into how your body is making energy & the status of your tissue integrity, empowers you to take charge of your own physical resiliency by understanding how to rejuvenate and maintain a robust capability.

Being active - AND feeling good

It's all very well to be up in the air travelling, yet it is not such a great position to be 'up in the air' about what to do to ensure you remain robust whilst living a travelling lifestyle.


Ensure you achieve 100%+ of your earning capacity by ensuring you are robust enough to travel and turn up as a high achiever at your destination ready to perform.

Terrie's physical resiliency mentoring assists you win back time, energy, earning capacity and quality of life by ensuring you are robust enough to manage your lifestyle and understand what the human body requires to keep you in tip-top condition for your career longevity with a travelling lifestyle.

Part of being primed for success is having a body that will be resilient within our modern day scenarios of exposures and demands.  Getting clarity around what your body's tendencies are when challenged, what you can do to support and ensure it remains physically robust is not only important for your earning capacity and day to day physical presence, it adds to our story of longevity.

Air and road travel is more extensive than it has been for humans and the human capacity has it's limits. Understanding how to stay robust, the little things you can do to support your unique challenges are important to preserve the life you have worked to establish.

A familiar scenario for clients is they openly admit:

  1. I do have times that I feel jet lagged and can’t get back to sleep patterns quickly & it affects my work capacity and performance

  2. I know my eating habits are different when I travel

  3. Have gained weight from my demanding lifestyle away from home.

And then they gradually open up to admit:

  • I feel wrecked after a plane flight and lose more time than seems necessary recuperating.

  • Don’t actually know what to do to look after my body.

  • The general advice doesn’t seem to apply to my body for some reason.

  • I just keep gaining wt & don’t know why.

  • Feel like I am aging before my time.

  • I know I am more grumpy & irritable.

Plane travel is a bit like being a professional sports person in a contact sport. Their risks are known. People quietly work out the consequences behind the scenes and out of view.  Affecting their quality of life and long term earning potential.   And there are consequences.

For every hour and day lost due to lack of physical resiliency when travelling, you firstly lose your personal time off, then it starts to impact your earning capacity.  We start to prioritise to do only the essentials to keep things going.

You become the unintended collateral damage due to lack of information, understanding and clarity around how to keep your body physically resilient in a travel scenario.  Your personal capacity for work and participation moves down from being primed and ready, to feeling like just a participant.  Then lowers to feeling like you can just manage to show up and be present, but not firing on all cylinders like you once were, to having to put special effort in to stay connected.

Resilience, Barriers, Defense.

To maintain a robust body whilst living a travelling lifestyle, one needs to have a physical capacity that is resilient, have specific biochemical barriers and defence strategies to draw upon that maintain one's healthy production of energy, robust tissue integrity and effective management to exposures.

Who is this program for ?
  • Professionals & Business Owners who live a travelling lifestyle on planes at least once every 2 months.

  • Professional speakers who regularly travel.

About the Program
  • 9 weeks duration

  • Limited intake per year.

What does this program involve ?
  • 1.5hr biochemistry analysis, research, results summary

  • 1hr Results Summary Coaching session.

  • 3 x 1hr private mentoring sessions incl updating of action schedule

  • 2 x 15minute Check-Ins

  • 2 x 15minute Reach-Out calls

  • Private Functional Pathology Tests, $500 incl administration.

  • You receive a written results summary

  • Access to webstore products

  • Fortnightly Accountability.

Your Investment:  $3,750 + gst.

Do it once, do it right and you learn what you need for a lifetime.​

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