wise transitions

Ready to make a difference ?

Guiding Entrepeneurs moving from employment to private consulting.

Passion PLUS Practicality

Where passion and practicality meets - something special can be created. This is when you are then truly building a lifetime of happiness for both you and your clients.

Unless the yearning to share what you know and to give to others is grounded with the practicality of monetary reward in exchange for personal competencies, it is very possible for the person wanting to do the helping – to land up being the person in need of a hand up. 

Through her Wise Transitions 6 Sessions coaching package, Terrie gives you preliminary guidance to accomplish the crafting of your uniqueness & passion with the practicality of building a viable business.  This is a kickstart package to get you off and running.

Your Turn, Your Way

To be an example for others - you need to 'be an example for others'.  Rewarding in so many ways.

Avoid the typical pitfalls:

- big heart, no income

- great message, no-one listening

- good idea, lack of clear action.

And put to rest the hidden problems of:

- worrying at night losing sleep

- having fear of financial strain with no clear idea of how to proceed

- overwhelm of working one job and worrying about how to develop the next

- no clear plan to share with your loved ones.

Terrie helps you break the cycle of 'going nowhere fast' to bring possibilities alive.

What will you achieve ?

Terrie will guide your learning:

  1. Gain clarity on what you feel drawn to offer and for who

  2. Move on from the angst of feeling you need to change your income stream

  3. Settle on an insightful and clear direction to progress

  4. Identify possibilities and 

  5. Start actions for change to move forward and make a difference.

The aim is to have you primed and clear about your forward direction, and to have you starting to make changes.

Who are these programs for ?

  • Entrepeneurs wanting to move from a paid Corporate position to creating their own coaching practice. 

  • Entrepeneurs thinking of starting a practice anew or after a break

What does this mentoring coaching involve ?

6 x Personalised Coaching Session.

  • 6 x 1hr private mentoring sessions 

  • Priority Access to Terrie via email/phone

  • Focus-Support

Your Investment, private focussed mentoring: 

1 person x 6 sessions, no time limit:  $3,500.00 incl GST.