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For entrepreneurs building a life of happiness helping others

Exhaustion, confusion and hesitation. These are the common causes of small business failure. Terrie Sanders prevents smart, genius, forward-thinking people from falling short of the longevity of their business plan and mission in life.

Terrie primes entrepreneurs for success. She educates small business owners, practitioners and leaders in resilience and fresh thinking – the keys to personal and professional progress. In other words, she brings possibilities alive for her clients.


Terrie also provides her clients with real, actionable steps so they can achieve their goals. Rather than investing in “luck”, Terrie believes entrepreneurs need to invest in insightful action.

“Great things happen to people who
make great things happen.”

An entrepreneur wears numerous hats each day. They are expected to perform brilliantly in each of those roles. They are also expected to be at their best for each person they encounter. This kind of pressure takes its toll physically, mentally and emotionally. The need to always be on duty in roles one is not always formally trained in means it is essential you know how to:

  • Be resilient in the moment, both physically and mentally.

  • Make the most of any interaction.

  • Find clear direction within yourself to gain progress and confidence.

Terrie can teach you these invaluable skills so you can achieve your professional and financial goals without sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing.

HOW you can work with Terrie

Terrie is coaches and mentors individuals groups. Find out more about her 2018 programs, her work with 3P practitioners  and her Get Back on Track program.

She works with phone coaching and online coaching as well as in-person group coachings.