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25 June 2022


My expertise lies in showing how to find clarity within chaos and wisdom within confusion.

A frequent question I have from people is - how they know if what they are thinking is ‘crazy’ or ‘conscious’. 

Let me give you the answer in the true simplicity of it.   Not complicated at all.

There is a feeling deep down inside that you KNOW is true. Undeniable. Beyond your rational memory bank.

Some people call this an intuition, instinct, wisdom, commonsense – choose your word. 


Yet the commonality is that the Feeling is undeniable.  The Feeling is so clear and strong that whatever you hear in words or sense for action in that moment is true.

We have all experienced this at some point in our life. 

Think back to a time when you just KNEW something deep inside from a true sense of feeling.  Then you realised it WAS true. 

You might have had -

  • a sense of danger and you acted on it to good result…

  • a sense about someone that turned out to be true that you would never have guessed…

  • a ‘gut feeling’ to stop or to pursue something against all rational thought…

  • an ’intuition’ that guided you to a safe place.

You might have learnt the hard way – ignored the feeling and the conscious prompt to find it was right and you missed out. 


Or, you might have allowed yourself to act on that deep knowing and realised the outcome was beyond your imagination, you knew it was deeply true in hindsight.


So that is it.  Conscious is when you have this deep sense of clear knowing. 


It is a wholesome and pure feeling beyond your usual emotional feelings.  You feel very centred and clear.  It brings fresh thinking, a perspective shift you didn’t expect, a moment of surprise clarity.

The rest of the time we are in our own personal emotions that have a familiar intensity about them. 


They can be happy as much as sad.  Yet they are surface thoughts that are familiar, can be practical, have energy behind them, yet they are not of the same calm contentment that comes with that moment of pure truth and pure consciousness. 

Along with these personal feelings from our personal thinking is the stubbornness of suggesting you ‘are right’. 


It is not a gentle Knowing, it is a drive to want to persuade another with your own thinking.  An old thought does not always work in a new moment.

When you focus on realising the moments of ‘conscious’ you don’t need to take on the task of trying to catch your own tail of thinking and low states of mind. 


You don’t feel you need to persuade someone else with your thinking as you realise they have their own consciousness to guide them.


We all want to live a life awake in the richness of love and a genuine nice feeling.  Conscious moments are the door to this.  Stop ignoring them and start inviting them.

Here’s to the wonderment of conscious moments that bring clarity, calm, fresh thinking and fresh perspectives.

Cheers, TS

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