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2 June 2020


I remember when I was a few years into developing my first company, I was gifted a scholarship with a management institute to study an executive management program.

One morning during the program I arrived at the same time as one of the lecturers and we exchanged a nice ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’ in the car park. 

She was a delightful lady, very knowledgable and enjoyable to learn from.

The group settled into our seats and we respectfully started to listen to her mentoring.


This day, I was distracted in our learning.  I was mesmerised by her shoes. 


They didn’t match.


Sort of similar, yet they were definitely not the same shoes. Not a pair.


My mind drifted in and out of different thoughts.  Guessing why this might be.  She presented as so together – yet her shoes did not match.


Had she lost one ?
Had she broken a heel and had no choice what she had to wear ?
Did she not notice ?
Do the 2 shoes not feel different on her feet ?
What would happen in life that you land up with 2 unmatched shoes on your feet ?


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At the end of the day, I happened to find myself alone with her, once again in the carpark.

She was taking her shoes off.  I heard her exclaim with surprise and dismay – ‘oh my goodness’.


I stayed close in case she felt the need for some loving support.

She did.


She had a young family, some tragedy, too much on her plate.  Holding it together.  Thinking it was best if she changed her workload.  She thought she had this all hidden from sight from others whilst she held herself together. And she had, apart from the shoes.


That morning she had thrown shoes in the car in desperation to be on time and to keep her professional agreements, and hadn’t even noticed what she was wearing in the end.

She looked at me as if she knew this was the sign she needed. 


She realised that it was time. 


The thoughts that had gently appeared to her in her quiet moments, so clearly nudging her towards change – it was time to pay attention to them. 

She looked embarrassed. Then relieved. Then calm.  A knowing came into her eyes of what she needed to do next.


We hugged unspeaking. 

Both supported in feeling we had witnessed a special moment.  I left feeling privileged I had witnessed a moment of insight in someone’s life.

So the question is -

Are you listening to your ‘thought nudges’ ?  Your little moments of wise clarity ?

Or are you going to wait for the day when you have to ask yourself….’do my shoes match”.

Here's to the wonderment of noticing insightful moments.

Cheers, TS.

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