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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

16 October 2017


Our thinking is just one 'cog' of life's interactions


What we think and then choose to act on can have wide repercussions, we in business are usually highly aware of this.


From my experience - although we need to be aware of the wider scheme of things, it is the quality of our own actions that is created from our thinking, everyday, which makes a huge difference.  Along with the awareness of the interactions that are in play in the game of life.

Our thinking is just one 'cog' of life's interactions:  


Me - what I act on from my thinking
You - what you act on from your thinking
Universal Principles - at play regardless of what we think or do.






Understanding life's principles is helpful as it enables a quality perspective to act from.  It's a bit like an architect who understands there are principles at work, that, when respected and used wisely enables a different quality of establishment to be built.


​This year I had the rare lifetime experience of living through cyclone Debbie here at the beautiful Whitsundays in Queensland.  This Game of Life was so evident in the way we all dealt with our situations and regardless of us anyway, nature did it's own thing and we had to work along with the Universal Principles at play that brought on this cyclone.


​From my experience I suggest that one of our invisible yet practical principles at play every day is that we have the ability to think.  We think. We are the thinker behind what we experience. If you look closely I'm suggesting that there is a Principle at play here for all of us in the ability to have Thought. What we bring to life through this is our choice and responsibility,


​The good news that is supportive of me stating this so openly and you maybe taking it in to wonder about, is that professionals in the mental health arena are pointing to this as well, including Psychologist, Dr George Pransky & Psychiatrist, Dr Bill Pettit.


​Understanding this and how we use it is just like the architect, or the people living through the cyclone.


​Our level of understanding and how we use thought enables us to build moments and lives 'of a different quality of establishment', or to 'weather the storm' successfully.


​And maybe, just maybe, we call this topic the GAME of Life to put some enjoyment back in to something that can get a bit too serious sometimes.

​Me, You, Principles in action.  Simplicity.

​Here's to the wonderment of the jigsaw
puzzle of life. 


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