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Get Back on Track - STARTER

Our body has a natural capacity for physical resiliency when challenged.  
If these stores and defenses become depleted, we will then see the body give us signs and hints that it needs assistance.  Left unchecked, these challenges can lead to clinical events, diagnosis and require medical intervention and clinical treatment.

Trust Yourself That It Is Possible

Clarity is needed to move to new heights, new findings, new insights than we have lived with previously.  The first step to resiliency and change is realising that there is need for fresh thinking and being open to new information.

It's a bit like bush survival training - you learn that you are never actually lost, just geographically embarrassed !  The key to getting back on track is realising you need better clarity to figure out where you currently are and find a 'map' to get back on track.

When people are physically compromised, I find there are some familiar descriptions people share with me:

  • That they can feel their body is tired and not keeping up with demands, less energy & less resilient.

  • Don't feel refreshed after a night's sleep and not able to be active, not comfortable.

  • Why has this happened ?

And some things they are thinking that they keep to themselves for a while longer:

  • I feel fragile of body & spirit

  • I don’t know what to do to win this one

  • I miss being involved in activities and events that I used to be part of - 
    due to fatigue and exhaustion

  • I present a good outward impression, yet I hide away behind closed doors that I don’t feel so good & am not keeping up.

  • Feel I am aging before my time with less energy & tissues compromised. 

There are 3 things that can take us off track:

  1. A Toxic Interruption

  2. Nutrient depletion (due to above)

  3. Lack of Insightful Action.  Meaning lack of answers and what to do about it.

What to do:

  • Review your unique pattern of the subclinical signs

  • Find out if there is a toxic interruption at play, and what it is.

  • Understand how this affects your energy production and tissue integrity which in turn affects our ability to perform.

  • Gain fresh thinking and perspectives to enable you to make progress and move on.

  • Tick off improvements as you see them clearly in the biochemistry to work on.

Resilience, Barrier, Defence

My interest is for high achievers to use this information proactively to stay one step ahead and not 'get off track'.


However, human nature as it is, and current understandings means that most of my clients are seeking this once they are considerably compromised.  A proactive way to approach this is to choose a project or event that is important to you and work your way to being in the best capacity to be fully involved and present.

Finding clear direction means you can move from guessing and acting from a scattered approach - that most people know they don't feel confident with - to a clear, liberated action with obvious progress and results to show for it.

Do it once, focus and do it right, and you will have learnt about you for a lifetime.

Who is this program for ?
  • Working Professionals

  • High Achievers

About the Program
  • 9 wks duration

What does the program involve ?
  • Primer Functional Pathology Testing (specific to Terrie's work)

  • Client Services incl. testing, admin, recommendation support services.

  • Assessment (minimum of 1hr) of individual biochemistry labwork

  • Primer summation of biochemistry results (minimum 1hr)

  • Individual biochemistry action schedule - Primer only.

  • 1hr Biochemistry Results Consultation

  • 2 x 20 mins Follow-up Consultations

  • Access to online Think Tank

  • Includes $1,000 private biochemistry testing & assoc. coordination.

Your Investment: $2,300 +gst.
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