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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

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24 May 2022


In the scheme of everyday living, I have come across this question from more than one person....

"How practical is it really to speak of Love for wellbeing, mental resiliency ?"

When, in the height of a person’s mental storm, fear, anxiety, panic it looks like it is a thinking process that will bring them out of it.

Think of it this way – how can you think of changing your mind, when your mind is already engaged in another thought ? 

It already has a full-blown technicolour show going on from their current thinking.

With this engagement, there is no room for experiencing another thought.

This is where Love comes in. 
It is not a thought, it is not an emotion.  It is the energy of life.

The connection with another person looks on the surface as if it is via their agreements on beliefs, actions, values.  Yet this is not the case. 

We ALL have different thinking, yet we all have in common the energy of life which is Love.

Love is the Language that shifts consciousness.
For both ourselves and for others.


How grand a game-play is that ?




And the practical examples ?

  • Think of when you have shown Love to a stranger in need.

  • Think of when you have shown Love to a young child who is fearful.

  • Think of when you have shown Love to your partner when they are worried.

  • Think of when you have shown Love to yourself when you are overwhelmed.

  • Think of when you fell in Love.

These are the moments of deep connection and change that can - save a live, change a life
re-connect a person to their kindness, caring, sharing.  Re-connect a person to their commonsense.


Commonsense is the fresh thinking people are looking for.

Love is the catalyst to find commonsense.
Even if you can’t see it, explain it or describe it.  You KNOW it.

Here’s to the wonderment of the practicality of Love.
Cheers, TS.

Love the World
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