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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...

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3 September 2020


i was watching an interview with a couple who had a 4year old son. 

They were going for a family walk whilst chatting with the journalist and their young son was flying around on his little bike. 


He suddenly took off across the sweeping flat pathway towards the sea. 


As he leant forward on his bike in full concentration and joy, he suddenly hit a small lip in the ground as the path changed to sand on the beach, being unceremoniously flung through the air with arms and legs splayed out.


Landing like a cartoon character in the sand, still fully splayed. 


His father in fast pursuit was quickly standing in front of his son, dusting him off as he spoke - “dust off the knees, dust of the face, dust off the hands, we’re okay right ?”.


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His son was stunned for a moment, looking safe in his father’s hands. 


He looked back at the sidewalk then started the ‘that hurt’ body jiggle, not sure what expression to use.


He started a little frown, jiggled some more, looked up at his Dad and loudly declared “that was my really bad decision” before walking off with a grumpy frown lasting a few more moments, then taking off for his next adventure


It’s knowing that YOU are the thinker that counts.

Just be there.

Cheers, TS.

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