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26 October 2023


Ever feel like you are forever under pressure in your day, in your life ?

You know – those times when you quietly think to yourself - “gee, give me a break, I’m exhausted here.”

So my nudge today is about bringing awareness to the fact that life is not a high pressure project.

What I mean is.
Think about some adventures, projects, events, when you remember having a to-do list, a time schedule, priorities, urgent must-do’s, on and on.

To make the event a success. Then you enjoy the event, then you relax afterwards.

Living life is not meant to be like that. 








Imagine living your life at the tension level of those of organising a project ? 

Seems odd at first glance, yet think again. 

It is more common than not that our every day can be arranged like a project schedule with life as the project.  There would be no relief.

Life is more a ‘rhythm’ to live to. 
Something to enjoy and adventure within.

And it is US who sets the pace.  Either at the ‘rhythm of life’ or a pace you set or agree to as set by another.

I can’t say much more really.

This is an individual ‘look within’ question which I trust your wisdom to rise to the top for you.

Life is not a high pressure project – how are you living life ?

Best, TS


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