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Learning Module 1:

Home as a Safe Haven   $55.00

Knowing you are coming home to a 'safe haven' of clean air, clean water and a non-toxic environment helps your body and immune system take a break from overworking.

This audio & written workshop is a stage-by-stage process guiding you to gradually be aware of and make changes in your home and future choices for your home environment.  Leading you towards understanding why it is worth focussing on and doing something about in a proacive and considered way.

Make the most of what you already have...

My clients are finding a way to respect and encourage their  body to clean up and get strong again after overcoming some difficult challenges.  Many of which are due to chronic toxin challenges that are now becoming common cocktails for our bodies to deal with in our modern day living.  

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • clearning regimes & products

  • what the toxins are and how we easily bring them into our homes

  • details that give you an informed choice.

"Regardless of our own special body shape or size, the charm of a woman is the spark within, so "let your little light shine".

"Being female is a unique experience to be cherished, enjoy it completely and touch life..."

"..and let life touch you.  Our strength is our gentleness, wholesome character, calmness, action from clarity without reserve.

Strong Woman

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