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"Terrie gave me such sensible and useful assistance to help guide my choice of nutrients**  that despite the full scale attack on my body that my total knee replacement and the subsequent drug cocktail had -

I felt that I was able to ride out of the melee healthy and strong. "

**Using the Queen Profile & the Seven Subclinical Signs of Health.







Knee Surgery 

Trauma to her knee as a result of an accident in her 20's, left years of protecting & accommodating as best she could, a failing knee joint.


Finally she has had to undergo knee replacement surgery.


She contacted Terrie to conduct a Queen Profile panel to check the condition of her body as she went into surgery, to minimise infection, maintain energy and enhance tissue recovery.


A retired elite cyclist, she was keen to ensure she came through the operation with a range of movement to continue her cycling as well as to regain an effective gait for walking. 

Client: San Francisco, USA.

Mountain Trekking

This client has some mountains he wants to climb.  An avid adventurer in his own right - being a pilot and an inventor, he took the proactive step to review his chemistries with Terrie, the objective being to have himself in the 'best possible condition' to trek at altitude.  


Six mths of


to bring his


to a better


for him at altitude and he has successfully trekked his mountain of choice.

Client: Eastern States, Australia.

Robust Aging

Although I know, it is obvious that I am of the 'older generation', in turning 80 this year, I am pleased that I can still garden, walk, drive and not break any bones when I am doing too much maintenance around the home - for which my family continually tells me  

off for doing.  

Yet I still feel younger than my age, and my body still responds well, so

why not ?!  

I have been consulting with Terrie in my later years and am very pleased with the quality of life and longevity it has given me.  Client: Western Australia.

Congratulations once again on achieving your goals.  
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