Recovery / Prep Coaching Package includes:
- Baseline Queen Profile Test

- Results Session plus

- 2 x 1hr Coaching Sessions.


This coaching package usually requires only one round of coaching sessions.  


Clients can add-on biochemistry retests and ongoing coaching sessions in line with their needs.


Recovery or Preparation

Quick & robust recovery from injury or surgery.


Both you and your Surgeon benefit from you entering surgery in a fit and strong physical state, whatever your age.


Surgery that is required as a result of a traumatic incident requires immediate attention.  However, after surgery, it is helpful to check in and see how your body is coping with a full body recovery after having medications & anaesthetics to cope with.  


There are times when need for non-trauma surgery can sometimes be the end result of the six sub clinical signs needing attention.  Having a look here is proactive to not re-invent the same situation again.