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What is Exercise Science?

Exercise Science is the understanding of what goes on in the human body during times of exertion above basic living requirements.


Exercise Scientists are tertiary qualified. They specialise in the delivery of exercise and lifestyle programs for purposes of health enhancement.


Exercise Science programming accommodates people of all ages.


What is a Healthy Human Performance?
Healthy Human Performance is the capability to carry out personally chosen activities (performance) without compromise to an individuals’ health status.


Through individual coaching, clients have the opportunity to understand the basics of exercise science as well as how to maintain their specific tissue health. Participation in life can then look a whole lot more active and enjoyable for people.


Personal Home Programs

Terrie customises personal home programs in line with their Queen Profile results, starting with:

  • Movement Education 

  • Functional Movement Education

  • Recovery Foundation Home Exercises

  • Leisure Activity Preparation

  • Active Lifestyle.

Online Learning Modules

As a client with Terrie Sanders, you are thoughtfully guided at the right time - in line with your improvements in energy production and tissue integrity - to recommence more exertive activity.  The Online Learning Portal gives clients learning modules to commence as easy starting points.  To then discuss and advance personal exercises and have them customised further during consultations with Terrie.

OLP 5: Recovery Foundation Home Exercise #1.

And refers on for specific programming when a client is interested in pursuing:

  • Energetic Lifestyle (exercising more than 4x/wk)

  • Competition Lifestyle.

The Role of Exercise

A bit about Exercise:
  • assists increase the number of available insulin receptor sites

  • mobilizes lymph which assists move nutrients & toxins to sites for use & removal

  • can strengthen the cardiovascular system

  • movement experiences increase learned movement patterns to generate required agility responses in new situations

  • helps regulate body fat and generate energy production

  • can assist minimise injury through primed and healthy tissues.

Start with your

current capabilities

And see where it

takes You

Terrie coaches interested individuals to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the human body and its’ capabilities.  

These innate capabilities work for us every moment of our life to enable us to maintain optimum performance.

"My interest is in tissue health for optimum performance, to enable an individual to have a musculo-skeletal system (muscles, bones, associated soft tissues) that is healthful and functioning.


Individuals can then enjoy living to their fullest with a healthy human performance of their own choosing - at any age, in any circumstance." ` Terrie Sanders.

Note:  with an optimum biochemistry, the body is able to more effectively carry out the above benefits without compromise.

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