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Terrie Sanders works with High Achievers



Terrie's speciality is in Resiliency.  

Being primed for success, requires this as a foundation to enable both your body and your presence of mind to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle and pace of life that you ask of them.

Terrie's work in Resiliency has 2 streams:

Programs using unique individual biochemical profiling which enables correction of energy production and tissue integrity, returning vibrancy and physical capability to bodies for people who still have more to give.  


As well as various modalities to teach the foundations necessary for resiliency in the moment. Enabling effective human relations via a healthy human understanding.

In all high achievements - from business building, corporate positioning, sporting achievements, on the speaking circuit and challenging life circumstances - without an understanding of these foundations, and how specificially to use them to set yourself up for success, it will at some stage demand your attention to get back on track.  

And Terrie is an extraordinary achiever herself, paving the way for others to have success from her decades of work uncovering, refining and even recovering herself from the pitfalls of not realising these foundations earlier.  From gold medals, world records, various Leader Awards, an Order of Australia Medal, to success in business from 23yrs of age.

She is able to see Clarity amidst Chaos  

& Wisdom within Confusion.

Rough Diamonds

Toxic Interruptions

Healthy Human Performance

Interior Design Mentorship

Critical Point - Point of No Return

BBSH Deconstructed

Mastery Level / 3P Practitioner Access

Healthy Human Understanding

Resiliency In the Moment

The Clarity Matrix

Speaking Topics:



Human Interaction


True North


Pont Critical

Big Word:

Love is the Language.

?True Potential.

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