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17 August 2020


True story.  Some years ago........

We had my young nephew come to stay with us for a weekend sleepover with his Auntie (me).


We had not yet started our family and I delighted in having time with my wise, gentle, thoughtful 7yr old nephew.


Sitting at breakfast the first morning after waking, we were discussing what we should do with our day, so that our time with this young man was fulfilling, worthwhile, enjoyable for him. 


We started going over options and speaking out aloud about what would be ‘best’ considering time, cost, learnings etc.



Quietly we hear a little voice start to speak.


We looked towards my nephew.

With a loving, knowing look in his eyes he said:

“When I get the chance to spend time with my girlfriend – I just enjoy being with her”.

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Lesson Learnt.


Cheers, TS.

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