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A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE       Let's have a think about that...


23 April 2019


Recognising when it is time to step up or step back with offering your thoughts and choosing to speak, in part I suggest has to do with recognising if the situation requires you to use memory or requires some fresh thinking.

Different conversations and situations, require these in different proportions. 


Recognising this and knowing when to step up or step back - depending what is on your mind - can make a considerable difference.

Reminiscing with friends or colleagues requires memory.

Wanting to create something totally anew requires fresh thinking. 


Using memory to take a guess I suggest,  is like throwing darts at a dart board.  Hit, miss and most importantly they are the same darts and the same dart board just landing differently - and you land up ‘going nowhere fast’ sound familiar ?

I am suggesting that it is important when communicating, to know when you and when others are coming from fresh thinking, or from memory. 


And to know in which circumstance to use each of these.  When each is required.









It’s a bit like riding a tandem bike in different terrains. 


The Captain and the Stoker need to read the communication on the bike as to when they each need to power off or power on to keep the bike upright, moving forward and smoothly.


If the conversation benefits from you using memory and you have some of those relevant thoughts to offer right now – step up.  If not, step back.


If the situation requires fresh thinking, and you have some come to mind that you can offer – step up.  If not, step back.


There’s a bit more to this, yet this is the gist of things for you.


Seeing another as not right or wrong, rather - just offering what is on their mind at the time - combines for wiser understanding and fulfilling conversation. Maybe try it and observe. 


Step Up, Step Back.  Powerful and connecting.

​Here's to the wonderment of communication.

Cheers, TS.


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