Strong Woman
Recovery Coaching

So you made it - against all odds - 
now where do you belong ?  
what is your purpose ? 


You've proven to yourself that your body had more capacity than you might have originally thought.  


You found a way to respect, yet encourage your body to clean up and overcome some difficult challenges.


Along the way it is easy to forget that you have had an innate resiliency of spirit to have continued on and come through to have a full future.


It's now time to look there - at your capacity for resiliency that is innately availble and that you have been using all this time.  To realise for yourself what has been guiding you and looking after you.


Let's get you focussed on your next purpose for your life.  Something to aim at, to focus on, to lose yourself in and one day find yourself just 'enjoying yoursefl' with no thought of physical struggle or thoughts of concerns or insecurity..


You will have the opportunity to:.

  • realise your own strength and resiliency

  • learn how to recognise and harness your resiliency

  • find your next purpose

  • feel excited about what you have to offer

  • feel excited about 'getting out there again'

  • feel excited about new topics of conversations and socialising

  • having a peacefulness and balance in your day

  • gaining a healthy human understanding to mingle and enjoy all you meet.

Respecting our Woman Within...

Put down the chemistry, and pick up your inner glow...

"Being female is a unique experience to be cherished, enjoy it completely and touch life..."

"Regardless of our own special body shape or size, the charm of a woman is the spark within, so "let your little light shine".

"..and let life touch you.  Our strength is our gentleness, 

wholesome character, calmness, 

action from clarity
without reserve.

Strong Woman

Recovery Coaching


Sneak peak - SWR clients receive fortnightly 'happy dance' music for their cooking / housekeeping time. Example: Beauty in the World, Macy Gay.